How to Draw Cat Whiskers A Simple Guide

There could not be a fun activity than drawing whiskers of a cat. Drawing cat whiskers is a great way to express the love of cats through art. You may have the issue on how exactly should you draw the whiskers of the cat. 

In this guide, there are two methods to follow on how to draw cat whiskers. One works with the use of drawing pencils and the other works with coloured pastel pencils.

Since cat whiskers have different lengths and thickness to draw professionally, you need to acquire some art skills. If you want to draw like a pro with the use of pencils, all you have to do is to grab some materials and follow the instructions below.

Materials you need:

  • Kneaded eraser
  • Shammy towel
  • Needle (stylus)
  • Stylus (pen with no ink)
  • Carpenters with flat pencil
  • 2H pencil
  • 6B pencil
  • HB pencil

Method 1- Drawing from the whiskers with the use of Drawing Pencils:

  1. To begin how to draw cat whiskers is to use a 6B pencil and draw the outline of the nose, whiskers and one side of the muzzle.
  2. Add the layer guides of the muzzle by just drawing the horizontal lines across the muzzle. This is where the whiskers are growing from. Make sure you draw the horizontal lines lightly.
  3. Next, add the hair guides. Pay attention to the way the hairs are curved rather than straight. Add more layers until it becomes real. To do this step accurately you need to use a 2H pencil and work from the bottom layer until the upper layer. Try to draw the curves lightly.
  4. This step involves where the thickness of the hairs comes into play. To do this step is to use a needle (stylus). A needle uses to draw thinner and adding lots of hair. To add lots of hair is to overlap each other to show more realism. Continue adding layers until you reach the top.

    Note: Handle the needle with care. Do not overuse the needle on one area of the paper, as this would tear off the paper.

  5. To have more hair under the whiskers is to start indenting the whiskers. Begin by adding some thicker hair over thinner hair to allow more depth. Do this step is to use a pen with no ink. Try to overlap the thickness and the thinness of the hair to have more variation of the whiskers. Start from the bottom and work the way up to the top.

    Note: Before you use the pen, do check the pen has no ink contained.

  6. Use an HB pencil and go over the paper of the lines lightly to reveal the whiskers. Do not press the pencil too hard. For the cat with darker or  brown hair, a 6B pencil is the best option to reveal the muzzle of the hair. Then use a 2H pencil to darken the areas where the layers begin.
  7. At the end of the muzzle, use a 6B pencil to darken the lines and add smaller curves to cast the shadow and to make the growing of the whiskers realistic.
  8. Finally, you add the smaller details by highlighting using a kneaded eraser. Then continue to highlight until the end of whiskers to make it from darker to lighter layers. Repeat steps 1-7 to continue the other side of the muzzle. Then use a Shammy towel and lightly smudge the lines to make the whiskers stand out.

    Method 2- Drawing whiskers with the realistic image of the cat:

    This second method on how to draw cat whiskers involves with the image that has already drawn the cat’s face. This instruction works with the use of coloured pastel pencils. You have drawn the cat’s face but may not have the idea on how exactly to draw the whiskers of the cat.

    If you have a realistic image of the cat’s face and you want to add whiskers, just grab a few materials and follow the procedures below.

    Materials you need:

    • Brown pastel pencil
    • White pastel pencil
    • Already drawn image of the cat
    1. Use a white pastel pencil and strike a few lines of the cat’s side face, right above the eyes. Below the ears.
    2. Then turn the paper vertically and add the whiskers of the cat’s muzzle. Continue adding more lines of different directions.
    3. Repeat the process of the other muzzle by adding whiskers.
    4. Use a brown pastel pencil and add the few lines of the cat’s muzzles. Both on each side to make the whiskers stand out.
    5. Add more lines of the whiskers if you want with the use of a brown pastel pencil.
    6. Your cat has now whiskers. If you want to watch this tutorial, click on this video.


      Here are the two methods on how to draw cat whiskers. You can see drawing the whiskers of the cat is not as tough as you think it is. To draw the whiskers like a pro is to follow either of these methods and your cat will have whiskers!

      Whatever the materials you use, you will become like a pro if you follow one of these methods. All you have to do is grab some materials and start drawing the whiskers of the cat!

      So make your drawing fun by following one of these tutorials above!

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