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Pet owners worry all the time when it comes to their pets leaving their homes when going to work or travel to another place. To end this worry, there are possible ways to know how to feed cat wet food while away. These possible ways will help you to keep your cat safe and healthy while you are away for such durations.

how often should i give my cat wet food

Different Methods of Feeding Cat Wet While you are away

A cat must get sufficient diet to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle when their owners are away. You can step out of the house without worrying about your beloved cat dying of starvation. To know how to feed cat wet food while away, there are different methods where each mention below:

Prepare dry and wet Foods

Preparing wet and dry foods is the simplest method of fulfilling your cat’s hunger when going out for several hours. Not only you need to prepare wet foods but you also need to prepare dry foods. Cats eat wet foods first and then eat dry foods afterwards. Your cat loves to eat wet foods due to moisture; flavour and making its taste last longer. Besides, they eat wet foods as they have high water content. As cats rarely, drink water during the day.

How much wet food to feed a cat, you can feed your cat food daily with a mixture of dry food. If your cat does not want to eat at a certain time of the day. Graze feeding is a suitable option for cats, as they like to graze on their food. Graze feeding can be tricky for you when you are out of the house often. To graze feed your cat is to consider the amount your pet eats.

Cats also love to eat dry foods as it contains flavour and so tends to last longer. If you prepare a combination of wet and dry food, this will help your cat to receive a sufficient amount of diet while you are away. How often to feed cat wet food depends on the weight and the health of your cat. For instance, an average-sized adult cat should eat 3-ounce can per 3 to ½ pounds of weight daily. To get the right amount of wet food for your cat is to consult a vet.

Use an Automatic cat Food Dispenser

With the existence of technology, there are endless automatic food dispensers in the market. An automatic pet feeder allows your cat to feed well when you are out of your house. Automatic food dispensers come in various designs, colours and functions that will make your life easier as a pet owner.

Do keep in mind; consider having an automatic cat feeder if you are leaving your cat for several hours to a day. To consider looking for an ideal automatic food dispenser, there are benefits and pitfalls when using such an innovation. The pros and cons summarized in the table below:



Provides well-proportioned meals which help to manage the weight of your cat and its conditions like diabetes.

Ensures that your pet will have predictable mealtimes even if you are not at home.

Contains reservoirs and built-in containers that help to store extra food while keeping away from pests and other insects.


Constructed in sturdy designs and some auto feeders come in heavy sizes to make sure that the food will not topple over and will not get wasted.







Most brands lack sensors and will continue to dispense food, even if there is still leftover food.


The dispensing function of some brands are noisy which disturbs other pets.


Most brands have no way to monitor if all of the pets are eating or sharing the food with other cats.


Some brands only function well with dry foods and certain sizes of kibbles.


Some dispensers are hard to clean while others require to disassemble all of the parts for thorough cleaning.


Some auto-feeders do not function if batteries are low or power interruption. This would result in missed meals.


Hire a professional cat sitter

If automatic pet feeders are inconvenient, hiring a professional cat sitter is a great way to take care of your cat when you are away for a few days. Cats long for attention and affection just like human beings. Leaving your cat for days will make your pet feeling neglected and will suffer a trauma. To keep your cat from danger, you need to consider hiring a cat sitter.  

Looking for a professional cat sitter will help you to keep the cat company while you are away. How to feed cat wet food while away is to look for a cat sitter. A cat sitter will help to look after your pet and will feed the wet and dry foods on time.

Hiring a professional pet sitter has benefits and pitfalls which you need to consider in terms of money, time management and the level of experience. To know the benefits and pitfalls, the table summarized below:



Your cat gets one-on-one attention and care from a person.


Your cat does not need to bring to unfamiliar places like a facility that looks after pets.


Your cat likes human interaction even when you are not around.


A cat sitter can perform household chores when you are away such as watering the plants, switching on/off the lights and many more.

An expensive option especially when hiring a professional sitter from a recognized pet sitting firm.

Your house could expose to theft and other damages if you hire a person you do not know or if he/she comes from a suspicious source.








Tips to hire the right person when looking after your cat

Hiring a cat sitter has certain benefits and pitfalls. If you want to consider looking for someone who can look after your cat, there are certain guidelines to check before hiring one. Such guides stated below:

  • Do check the person’s level of experience as a sitter.
  • Get to know how long he/she has been working as a cat sitter.
  • Ask the person if he/she has any experience in handling medical emergencies.
  • Check if the person has a special spot for cats in their hearts.
  • If you have hired a cat sitter from a pet sitting company, check his/her business license and other legal documents.
  • Observe the cat sitter when meeting your cat for the first time and see if the person has the interest to look after your pet.

Request your neighbour to look after your pets

If you live in an area where is friendly and close neighbours, you can request a trusted neighbour to look after your pet. The good thing about looking after your cat by a neighbour is that there is a great chance your pet already knows or is familiar with that person.

When planning to be away, you have to tell your neighbour on how often should I give my cat wet food and the temperature of the food. This will help your neighbour to look after and keep your cat safe and sound.  


Here are the different ways to know how to feed cat wet food while away. You can see these methods will help you to keep your cat safe and healthy while you are away. If you refer to these methods above, your worries will disappear when you are out of the house. When planning to step out of the house, consider these methods. Therefore, how long you will be away for. The more you plan, the safer your cat will be.

So ensure your cat to be safe while you are away.