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It becomes quite hard when your cat eats litter and other undesirable materials. There are several reasons why do cats eat litter and other non-food items. Knowing how to stop your cat from eating litter is important for all cat owners. Seeing your cat eating litter does not sound right and dealing with your cat’s eating habits requires taking several responsibilities.

why do cats eat litter

Not monitoring your cat’s well-being would lead to sickness and intestinal problems if it continues to eat non-food materials. Such reasons behind this behaviour including anaemia, kidney issues, nutritional deficiencies, leaving the mother too soon and curious kittens. This behaviour of eating non-food items refers to as Pica.

Pica occurs when your cat eats litter and other types of materials including plastic, paper, string, fabric, dirt and dust.

To prevent your cat from eating undesirable materials, there are several steps to follow on how to stop cat from eating litter.

The steps mention below:

  • Feed your cat properly

The main issue why cats munch litter is due to nutritional deficiencies. Your cat is not getting enough nutrition from his original food. Do make sure you upgrade your cat’s diet based on the recommendations of your cat’s vet or a veterinary nutritionist. Make sure you take your cat’s diet properly at the right time and make sure your cat eats a sufficient amount of food in its diet. When it is time for the cat to eat food, make sure your cat has a bowl of clean water available. Along with a clean bowl of food.

  • Offer other chewing toys

Another method on how to stop cat from eating litter is due to boredom and curiosity of observing the pieces of litter. Such pieces include paper, plastic, rubber, dirt and dust. However, not all cats eat litter due to health problems. To keep your cat entertained is to offer other chewing toys and edible treats to get rid of boredom. To give attention to your cat is to offer some chewing toys. That way, your cat will distract from eating litter.

  • Give your cat some catnip

To prevent your cat from eating litter is to give your cat some catnip. If you are not sure what catnip is, catnip is a plant that uses for herbal tea and other useful purposes. To ignite your cat’s curiosity is to fill in the bowl of catnip plant and your cat will munch it peacefully. This helps the cat to distract from eating litter. Another way to use catnip is to sprinkle it on scratches or buy catnip-filled toys.

Give your cat some catnip

  • Switch to a safe and non-clumping litter

This is the most precautionary measure to take if your cat continuously eats the litter. To avoid this issue is to move to a safe and non-clumping litter. If your cat involves in eating non-clumping litter, it is time to use a biodegradable and safe cat litter. To maintain your cat’s eating habit is to invest a non-clumping litter.

  • Observe your cat’s litter use

One of the best ways on how to stop cat from eating litter is to observe your cat. If your cat starts to eat litter, remove the litter box immediately. If your cat continues to eat litter, then it is time to invest a suitable cat food for your pet. If you remove the litter box constantly, your cat will get tired soon. To create a disruption from eating litter is to give your cat some food puzzle toys. These food toys are nutritional and good for the health of your cat.

  • Spend more time with your cat

The reason behind the cat eating litter is the lack of attention. As much as a child needs his mother’s attention, the cat needs your attention. The cat needs more attention beyond boredom. If your cat gets bored, it needs attention to spend some quality time playing with you. To enjoy your cat’s day is to spend more time with your beloved pet. Take your cat out for a walk or have a partner to play with. Try to play with your pet by offering some fun games and toys your cat could enjoy. This helps to stop from nibbling litter or sleeping on the litter box.

Spend more time with your cat

  • Visit the vet regularly

To save your cat lives is to visit the vet regularly and never skip the vet’s appointments. To maintain a healthy diet for your cat is to monitor the diet and visit the vet to check up on the behaviour and its daily routine. If your cat falls sick often and eats litter, then it is time to make some changes with his diet. Do make sure you have a word with the vet for any nutritional changes to make. Try not to stick with the same dietary requirements for your cat, as your pet grows older, the diet supplements changes.

  • Monitor your cat’s diet

To know how to stop cat from eating litter is to monitor your cat’s diet carefully. Make sure you observe how much amount of food your cat eats. Try to upgrade the diet plans occasionally, according to the vet’s instructions. Do make sure your cat eats properly and gets a sufficient amount of sleep. Try to get into the habit of your cat to eat different types of food to receive different amount of nutrients required for your pet’s diet. Try not to rely too much on dry foods. Do take care that your cat eats complete nutritional foods.

  • Monitor your cat’s behaviour

Do monitor your cat’s behaviour when it comes to eating litter. If your cat eats litter often, it is time to check any nutritional deficiencies. Try to maximize the health benefit of eating the right amount of food at the right time. If you want your cat to free from diseases and other health problems is to monitor your cat’s behaviour. If your cat has the curiosity of eating litter, try to give your cat as enough attention as possible. That way, your cat will stay away from eating litter and will focus on a real food diet.

Here are the useful tips to follow on how to stop cat from eating litter. If you take these precautions seriously, your cat will never suffer any health issues and will maintain a healthy diet. Make sure you keep your cat entertained and spend some quality time playing with your pet. The more precautions you take, the better your cat will be.

So do follow these steps and your cat will ensure healthy and better-eating habits! Your cat will never develop Pica again!

Eat healthy, stay healthy!