The Best Dog Beds for Our Precious Pet Dogs: 10 Benefits of a Memory Foam Dog Bed You and Your Beloved Pooch Can Enjoy

Dog beds are much more important for the health and well-being of our cherished pet dogs than many of us might think.


For starters, dog beds make sure man’s best friends get to sleep as well and as much as they need to. Turns out it’s more important for them than us. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs need to sleep about 12 to 14 hours per day. On the other hand, adults, whether men or women, only need 7 to 9.


There are many different dog beds, enough to suit all kinds of dogs. But how do you pick out the best dog bed for yours?


A memory foam dog bed might just be the one you need. Not only are memory foam dog beds made to be used as orthopedic dog beds and therapeutic dog beds, they also provide benefits to the pets’ owners themselves.


To find out just how valuable a memory foam dog bed can be for you and your pooch, here are no less than 10 benefits of having your very own:


Provides Superior Comfort

To be fair, all dog beds are designed to be as comfortable as possible for dogs to sit or lie on. What makes memory foam dog beds special?


It’s the memory foam. It molds to the dog’s body while he or she’s on it, evenly distributing his or her weight on its surface. Once he or she gets up, the memory foam goes back to its original shape.


Invented in the mid-’60s for NASA pilots’ seats, memory foam works so well as a cushion that the comfort it can provide your pet dog will be second to none.


Greatly Reduces Pressure on Your Pet’s Body

Just as much as out in space as it is here on Earth, lying or sitting down for long periods of time can be painful. If you’ve ever been on a long flight or drive, you know what we’re talking about. The effect is the same on your pet dog when he or she sits or lies down for too long on a bed that provides less than ideal support.


You don’t have to worry about whether your pet dog is getting enough pressure relief if you get him or her a memory foam dog bed. Rather than forcing him or her to adjust to it to get comfortable, the dog bed will adjust to your pet dog. It won’t push back on his or her body, unlike, say, bedsprings, significantly reducing the pressure normally exerted on him or her when he or she sits or lies down.


Prevents Pressure Sores

What will happen if your pet dog doesn’t get proper pressure relief? He or she will get pressure sores.


Also called decubital ulcers, pressure sores are calluses on or under the skin over pressure points. These points on the body’s surface are sensitive to pressure, like the ones over the joints and hips.


Pressure sores are caused by force or friction and usually result from contact with a hard surface, like the floor, over a long period of time.


Alleviates Joint Aches and Pains

Is your pet an elderly dog? If so, then a memory foam dog bed would be perfect for him or her.


As they grow older, dogs become prone to suffering from joint conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. If yours suffers from one, a memory foam dog bed can give him or her the additional joint support she needs to experience relief from joint aches and pains by making sure his or her entire body is well supported.


Prevents Stiff Joints

Like we do when get older, aging dogs experience stiff joints when they wake up in the morning. Not only can it be painful, it can also ruin his or her day.


A memory foam dog bed can help prevent that by molding itself to your pet dog’s body, making sure he or she rests in a natural position rather than an awkward one that can cause his or her joints to stiffen up.


Helps Keep Your Pooch Cool

Dogs can’t regulate their body temperature as well as we can. While we have sweat glands all over our skin to regulate our body temperature, dogs can only pant and sweat through their nose and the pads on their feet.


Fortunately, there are memory foam dog beds with cooling microbeads or whose memory foam is made of a cooling gel that can help keep your pet dog cool even when it’s hot out.


Makes Sure Your Pet Dog Sleeps Well Every Time

If your dog has a hard time getting a good night’s rest, a memory foam dog bed will surely get him or her to finally rest comfortably every night, what with the excellent comfort, pressure, ache and pain relief as well as cooling it can provide him or her.


Easy to Clean

The benefits that memory foam dog beds provide aren’t just good for dogs. Some are pretty great for the pets’ owners themselves.


The one that’s sure to get you excited right off the bat is how memory foam dog beds are a cinch to clean.


Some come with a microfiber cover that’s removable and 100% machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about the one you’d pick accumulating an intolerable amount of dirt and grime over time. Others are water-resistant, able to stay clean despite coming into contact with liquid contaminants, like your dog’s drool or urine.


Is something as useful as a memory foam dog bed expensive? Not at all. While some cost more than $100.00, most cost less than that, letting you avoid paying an arm and a leg for the comfort, care and protection your pooch needs.

Surprisingly Durable

Just because we said most memory foam dog beds don’t cost a lot doesn’t mean their generally low-grade.


Although many of them are reasonably priced, all memory foam dog beds are surprisingly sturdy. They last for several years. Some even guarantee they can last a decade, helping make sure your precious pooch stays comfortable, well rested and healthy throughout most of his or her life.


To experience all the benefits a quality memory foam dog bed has to offer, check out our brand-new memory foam dog bed here.