Which Cat Breed Should I Choose?



Cats make some of the best pets. They have personalities and attitudes all their own. In fact, they may have such an attitude that it can often be difficult to distinguish who is the real owner and who is the pet. One of the best aspects of cats is that they’re usually quite independent. For apartment renters and others who live a busy life, a cat is a perfect pet because you can be outside of the house for long periods of time without worrying that the cat is making a lot of noise or tearing up your house. Knowing just what kind of cat to get, however, is a headache in itself. There are a ton of cute cat breeds out there. To help offer some advice, here are some cute cat breeds that you may want to consider adding to the family.

1. Small Cat Breeds

small cat breedsTiny animals are adorable. Understandably, you may be interested in the smallest cat breed that you can easily place in your purse or just have around the house. One of those cat breeds is the Singapura. This the smallest cat breed with cats usually only weighing no more than two kilograms. They have beautiful large eyes and a playful attitude. They’re also fiercely intelligent and quite curious. If you love cats that are extroverted and social, not to mention tiny, then you may want to consider one of the cutest cat breeds stemming from the Singapura.

Another small cat breed to consider is the Munchkin. So-named because of a gene that actually keeps them small, the Munchkin cat is one playful little guy. They have pretty tiny legs, but they’re actually incredibly fast. They’re also playful and extroverted and love to play with kids and even other cats. One interesting thing about these cute little guys is that they actually love shiny objects. So, if you’re missing some silverware or jewelry, there’s a good chance that your cat stole it and hid it in their lair.

2. Grey Cat Breeds

One of the cutest cat breeds that also happens to have grey fur is the Russian Blue. These cats are, perhaps, the staple of grey cat breeds. Their fur is a gorgeous grey color that looks sleek and is usually well-maintained because these cats are sticklers when it comes to hygiene. While they can be friendly and playful, they usually only attach to one person and prefer the same sort of environment around them. They’re also considered one of the only cats that are actually hypoallergenic.

grey cat breedsAnother handsome cat is the Korat. Interestingly enough, the Korat is actually one of the oldest cat breeds known to exist. Their fur is also a beautiful grey but it’s also tipped with silver. This can make them almost glow under the right kind of light. They’re also quite muscular which can make them great at climbing and jumping. Having a cat tree is a good idea to help this cat exert some energy and receive a workout. If you like cats that love attention and want to cuddle, then the Korat is one to consider. While they can usually get along well with other pets, don’t be surprised if they get a little jealous if you show too much attention to that other pet.

3. Black Cat Breeds

When it comes to black cat breeds, there’s really only one choice for that perfect and rich dark fur–the Bombay cat. These cats have luxurious and black fur that makes them stand out from the rest of the breeds. While black cats often come with the stigma of being bad luck, that simply isn’t the case. Bombay cats are notorious for loving to play and to cuddle. They’re extremely social and love a good game of fetch or even just relaxing with you on the sofa. They’re also muscular, so they can leap with ease and climb quite well. They also bond with the entire family instead of just one person. As such, they make for great family pets. Bombay cats are highly curious and will watch and follow you everywhere that you go and may sometimes make performing chores difficult when they want to help.

4. White Cat Breeds

Perhaps the royal line of all white cat breeds is the Turkish Angora. Pet owners have loved the Angora for a long time due to their incredible agility and grace. Angora cats have beautiful mid-length white hair that makes them look almost ethereal. These proud cats are fiercely intelligent, too. They love to solve problems and have a fierce determination to do so that can’t be distracted. So, if your cat gets something in their head, no amount of distraction from yourself is going to stop them from completing their task. While they are quite social, they’re also very frisky and love to play. They only like to be held for a certain amount of time before they’re off playing with something. However, they prefer to be close to you, so can be sure that they’re always nearby in the room with you.

white cat breedsAngora cats are great with kids and other pets. Interestingly, they also don’t always mind the water. While all cats are different, historically, the Angora have a greater preference for water than other cats. In fact, they sometimes like to just jump into a lake or pool and take a quick swim. Bathing your Angora cat might be quite easy.

If you like a little color with your white cat, then you should consider the Ragdoll. These cute little guys have some lightly-colored patterns on their heads and backs. It is possible to sometimes get an all-white Ragdoll, however. These cats are long-haired and definitely prefer to be a bit lazier. They’re also not leapers and instead prefer to be on the floor. However, they love to be close to you, and you can likely expect these guys to want to share your bed with you. They’re very independent and are perfect for those who prefer quieter cats who just love to keep you company.

5. Japanese Cat Breeds

japanese cat breedsWhen it comes to Japanese cat breeds, the cat to know is the Japanese Bobtail. Most notably identified by their short tail, these cats are beloved in Japan. In fact, it’s commonly believed that if you share your home with a Bobtail, they will bring you luck. This breed of cat has a lot of energy and loves to spend time with its owner. In fact, they tend to like climbing on your shoulder, so they can see what you’re doing and be right there in the action with you. They get along with everyone and everything including dogs. Japanese Bobtails also love to explore. They’re curious and can spend hours exploring a new location. In fact, they’re so curious that they might also attempt to play with water. One last fact about Japanese Bobtail cats is that they’re very communicative. They’re chirp and meow in a manner that many describe as song-like. So, if you like a friendly, rambunctious, and vocal cat, then the Japanese Bobtail is the perfect selection for you.

Lots Of Cats To Love

If this article didn’t make it clear, there are a lot of cute and adorable cats all around. Each one has a personality that is perfect for the right kind of owner. Find your cat today.