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Defining your cat’s behaviour is challenging for many pet owners. Cats have their behaviour in which they communicate to definite message to their pet owners. You cannot help but smile and showing the cuteness of your cat covering its face while sleeping. If you have noticed your pet covering its face while sleeping, there is an informative guide on why do cats cover their face.

 Why do Cats Cover their Face

Why do Cats Cover their Faces When They Sleep?

Cats like to have cosy sleeping patterns by using a calming pet bed. Like any other animals, cats need a sufficient amount of sleep to keep their body refreshed and staying active throughout the day.

Cats are one of those creatures where they do roaming during the twilight hours of dusk and dawn. Due to their strong vision, cats can find and capture the prey in low light conditions or during the sunrise. During the hunt, the cat uses up a lot of energy to catch prey. This is the reason why your cat likes to curl up for a nap after a hungry meal.

Other reasons that why do cats cover their face, such reasons mentioned below:

Sense of Security

Cats act as both a predator and prey. They seek out to find a suitable place to sleep and cover their eyes. This covering of their eyes helps them to keep it safe. Even if your beloved cat sleeps in a beam of sunlight on the floor, the cat covers its face for adding a sense of security. Some cats like to sleep with their heads covered underneath the blankets or digging their heads in a basket of laundry. This common reason, cats find a way to cover their face for adding a sense of security, despite the rest of the body still exposed. Adding a sense of security helps cats to find a suitable place to sleep for ensuring a feeling of safety.

Blocking Out of the Sun

Why do cats cover their faces? Another reason behind it is that cats do not like having sun entering their eyes during their sleep. Since cats are pros in finding a suitable place to sleep, they use their paws or tail to cover their face from protecting sunlight disturbing their sleep. When sleeping during the day, cats prefer to sleep in such an environment where there are blackout curtains.

Comfort Factor

Like humans, cats have different sleeping positions that make it comfortable for them to sleep. Cats cover their face as a way to stretch their body during their sleeping sessions. For some cats, wrapping their faces with one or two paws helps them to make their sleep cosy and comfortable. This ensures a deep sleep for some cats which has existed around years ago from previous generations.

Keeping her nose Warm

Cats like to curl up in their tails or paws to retain heat and cold. Curling up in a ball is the best way to keep her nose warm by covering with their paws or using their tails as a shield. Whether indoors or outdoors, cats like to curl up into a ball for warming their nose. If you feel hot or cold, your cat might feel as well.

Too Lazy to Move

Cats can sometimes feel lazy and stressed out during grooming sessions. Keeping your cat clean and mentally healthy is a high priority for every pet owner. The reason why cats cover their face when they sleep is due to over-exhaustion especially when their grooming sessions consume their sleeping patterns. This causes the cat to fall asleep during the grooming routine. Leaving to clean the face with a paw. The cat covers her face with a paw is that she is too lazy to move when the owner wants to maintain the fur.

Blocking out Noise

Why does my cat cover her face when she sleeps? Like humans, cats need a sufficient amount of sleep in a quiet environment. Cats block out noise and light by covering its face by sung their paws. Blocking the noise helps the cat to cover the face for ensuring a peaceful sleep. Since cats do not like loud noises, they find a way to wrap their face with their paws to block out the noise.

Should I Be Worried about my Cat Covering its face while Sleeping?

Many pet owners worry about their cats’ unusual gesture when it comes to sleeping patterns and their environment. Now you know the reason why do cats cover their face. But should owners be worried about their cats covering their faces while sleeping? The simple answer is no, as there is nothing wrong with your cat covering its face during their sleep. This is normal behaviour for any cats.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sleeping patterns is not to change their sleeping position, as this would disturb your pet. This so would create unnecessary tension, as cats do not like getting disturbed during their sleep. To ensure a peaceful sleep is to put your cat in low light and quiet environment.

Unusual Places a Cat may Sleep

As mentioned earlier, cats are the pros of finding a suitable place to sleep in terms of comfort, security, and the one that is away from other members of the household. Such unusual where cats like to sleep is on the owner’s bed.  

There are certain reasons why cats like to sleep in the owner’s bedroom. Such reasons include:

  • The body heat of the owner
  • The strong bond between the cat and the owner
  • The comforting smell of the bed
  • More protection from the owner
  • Feeling more secure by having more cuddles


Here are the informative guides that why do cats cover their face. You can see cats cover their faces for various reasons, which consider normal behaviour. This covering the face adds the cuteness of having a peaceful sleeping pattern for your cat. If you think your cat covers her face while sleeping, then do not bother to disturb your cat’s sleeping patterns.

So let your cat sleep peacefully!