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There could not be any more peaceful routine than sleeping at the foot of the bed. Cats are aware of the surroundings in the house and finding a suitable place to sleep. On average, cats sleep around 15 hours a day and most of their sleeping patterns occur in such spots that are convenient for sleeping. If your feline friend likes to sleep on the bed, you want to know the reasons why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed.

why does my cat sleep on the corner of my bed

Reasons Why Do Pets Sleep at the Foot of the Bed

Many people assume that cats are predators as they wait for their prey to come and attack. But in reality, they are prey animals as well. Cats are very vigilant when it comes to ensuring a safe and healthy lifestyle. At times, they are mysterious when it comes to their instinct behaviour of sleeping at the foot of the bed.

To know why do cats sleep on your feet, the reasons mentioned below:

Feline survival instincts

Cats need something that wants attention and want to be close to someone who will keep the pet clean and safe during the day. This allows giving a feeling of safety to be her caregiver during the night. But at the same time, cats’ wants to avoid being rolled over in the middle of the night. This behaviour considers natural as your cat likes to curl up at the foot of your bed, near to your feet. Choosing this spot for the cat makes it a perfect location to escape in case of an emergency.

The instinct to protect you

Why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed? Cats are protective creatures when it comes to their sleeping patterns. They like to be close to you in the middle of the night and like to feel safe and protect you if it senses any danger. If you see your cat snuggling near your feet and legs, it feels better protected in that certain place and so has a faster reaction time that it needs to escape quickly. 

Marking their territory by sleeping with their owner

Why does my cat sleep at my feet? Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the uniqueness of your cat’s behaviour. This is one of the reasons for your cat sleeping at your feet; your pet wants to claim its territory. Your cat owns your bed and allows you to sleep with her. As your cat claims her space while sleeping on your bed, she drops her scent marking as her space to sleep in.

More room in the human’s bed

Cats will often find a location that has a bigger space to sleep in the middle of the night. Cats like to sleep in cushions and sofas. When it comes to a human bed, the cat has greater room for her to curl around before settling in. The bedroom makes a suitable spot for the cat to stretch out and dozing off to sleep.

The bedroom door is more visible

Cats need to feel secure in their surroundings when you want to know the reason why does my cat sleep on the corner of your bed. Your pet needs an ideal spot where it can escape it if senses any signs of danger in the middle of the night. The foot of the bed provides with a great advantage that keeps the door in sight at all times. This helps the cat to indicate any signs of unknown situations during the night.

Fewer disturbances

Humans want an uninterrupted sleep and so does your cat. If you move your arms and head in the middle of the night, she knows that the foot of the bed has fewer interruptions. This makes the cat have fewer disturbances during her sleep.

Night vision

Cats are keen nightcrawlers, as they are active during the dusk and dawn. So why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed? The reason behind this that they have strong night vision, which makes it easier to wander around the house in complete darkness as they do in the day. They act as a guard to keep a close eye of the house while you are sleeping. Cats get up and move during the night, which the corner of the bed makes a great place to move around without disturbing you.

Provides with greater visibility than the floor

Felines have strong eyesight in which they are always on high alert keeping an eye for any signs of danger. This high alert makes a great guard for the ease of accessibility and providing with greater visibility than the floor. The foot of your bed helps the cat to observe any disturbances happening around the house. So why does my cat sleep on my feet? If you perch your cat at the corner of your bed, the cat will safeguard you during your sleep.

Warmer on the Bed

Cats are quite considerate when it comes to the temperature of the sleeping environment. When your cat sleeps on the bed, it feels warm to cuddle around you. The reason why cats like to sleep at the corner of the bed is that it likes to feel warm without overheating. This helps to feel close to you without having to deal with night sweats.

Benefits of Cats Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed

You know the reasons behind the cat sleeping at the corner of the bed. But did you know, allowing the cat sleeping with you has potential benefits for ensuring a good night’s sleep. To know about the benefits of cats sleeping at the foot of the bed, the potential benefits mention below:

  • Relieves stress

Cuddling with your cat relieves stress that releases oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that helps to promote the feelings of love and close bonding. Petting your cat is the greatest benefit of reducing stress as it also releases other hormones such as dopamine, prolactin and other endorphins in the brain. These hormones allow the body to reduce stress and blood pressure. Cuddling your cat makes you healthier. 

  • Warmth

Cats have fur that keeps a great warmth for warming your bed during winter. This is the greatest benefit for sleeping your cat at the corner of the bed.

  • Bonding

Cats have the patience to get your attention for cuddling and spending good quality time with you. So do not deprive of kicking your cat out of the bed when she wants to snuggle onto your bed for a few hours. Do rejoice that your cat loves to spend time with and wants to build a strong bond with you.

  • Safety and security

Cats are great at keeping a close eye on any signs of danger in the house. This allows a safe and secure reason for your cat to sleep on the bed. With strong senses, cats observe every move you make by opening just one eye and alerting any danger around the house.

  • Alleviates anxiety and depression

Owning a cat has proven to reduce anxiety and depression. This makes a perfect benefit for animal therapy. Offering conditional love helps to benefit from sleeping at the corner of your bed and alleviating depression and anxiety.

  • Sleep aid

Some people prefer to sleep with a pet or a partner, which makes a good sleep aid for soothing your sleeping patterns. When your cat snuggles onto your bed, the cat makes a deep purr sound as she relaxes. Both you and your cat soothe to sleep by hearing a raspy lullaby. This benefits the cat to sleep on the bed as a sleep aid.


Here are the reasons why do cats sleep at the foot of the bed. You can see these reasons will help you to distinguish this instinct behaviour of your cat sleeping on your bed. Cats are pros at finding a safe place to sleep on it and so are aware of the surroundings. If your cat likes to sleep at the corner of your bed, then show some unconditional love to your beloved pet.

So let your cat sleep and have sweet dreams tonight!