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Cats’ biting your nose is a territorial and distinctive behaviour, which occurs many instincts habit of cats biting noses. All pet owners are passionate about loving their cats. At times, their behaviours are not so well to distinguish the reason why does my cat bite my nose. If you experience your cat biting your nose, there are certain reasons behind this behaviour and you want to know that why does my cat bite my nose?

why does my cat nibble my nose

What does it Mean When a Cat Bites your Nose?

Cats express various behaviours throughout the day in various scenarios. There are several major reasons why do cats bite your nose. These major reasons will help to correct your pet’s behaviour in the future. Such reasons for cats biting your nose mentions below:

Kittens have separated too early from their mothers

The major reason to know that why does my cat nibble my nose is that their kittens have separated too early from their mothers. If you have a kitten who bites your nose, this is a sign that cats have split up from their mothers at a very young age due to several reasons. Many cats are born to strays that develops a lifelong stereotypic behaviour of biting noses for comfort.

Territorial behaviour

Cats can be territorial which extends to their homes and different members of the family. If you have adopted another cat in your house, your cat will be able to smell other cats and their territorial instincts. When it comes to biting your noise, cats have scent glands all over their bodies by spreading their scent all over you. This tells you that the cat does not want to lose you and so alerts a warning to other cats that you are taken.


Your cat has a lot of sensation happening around the house, which makes it easy to become over-stimulated. When over-stimulation occurs, the cat would act overwhelmed and may do things that they normally would not do like biting your nose.


Why does my cat bite my nose? Cats spend endless hours on licking, grooming and cleaning themselves and on each other. This is the main reason why owners do not bath their cats regularly. Your cat has a strong sense of smell. Everything you do or eat leaves a scent and this scent can linger for hours after washing your face. Your cat can sense that smell because its strong smell interprets as dirty. This cleaning is the sign of biting your nose. 

Attention-seeking behaviour

Cats bite noses, as they want attention to play with and engage with you. When cats were younger, they used to make smaller bites with the owner and other kitten mates. Smaller bites are great to know that kittens want attention for love and affection. Kittens bite noses as a sign that they do not have other pets to play with. Most cats will grow out of this behaviour and some will find a quick way to get your attention. Cats will continue to bite your nose unless you give her full attention.

Scratching their face

If you have observed your cat scratching your face time to time, you would have most likely to notice your cat scratching its face on the furniture or other hard objects. Your cat has high sensitivity around the whiskers. When your cat bites you, the reason could be that the cat wants to rub that sensitive area around the corners by the whiskers.


Cats express anger in various ways in different situations. If your cat is very angry, they may bite your nose to display an angry emotion. This bite will be harder than it would be if your cat tries to do a love bite or nipping your nose. Your cat will give you several warnings that include growling, pupils dilating and pinning their ears down and back. If this happens with your cat, try to calm your pet down. 

Affectionate display

Why does my cat bite my nose when I sleep? A soft nip or cat love bites could be a sign of showing the affectionate display. This affectionate display works if your cat is feeling relaxed and making a purring sound to show that she is happy. This varies from cat to cat and some breeds are more prone to display affection than other cats. 

Dominance display

Cats like to display their dominance in different ways and one of this dominant gesture is biting your nose. The reason why cats do it is that cats know that biting nose gets your attention. The cat will do twice or several times until she feels that, you need a reminder of who is in charge of the house. You can tell whether the biting nose is a dominant display or not by observing their body language. Such dominance display includes trying to cuddle and trying to play after the bite.

Petting-induced aggression

Many cat owners assume cat biting as love bites but cat behaviourists refer to them as petting induced aggression. This acts like over-stimulation that occurs when your cat becomes overwhelmed and tries to take back control of the situation happening around the house. Many people claim that this behaviour is a sign of letting the owner know that they are ready to be alone but they do not offer such clues before biting.

Learning to roughhouse

At the early stage of cats, kittens learn to play and doing soft bites with other cats. They think that this is a fair game to attack and bite the nose. If this is the case with your kitten, then you are training her to be violent. Many pet owners assume that it is cute to pin kittens with their hands and allow them to attack with their faces. If this continues to grow as an older cat, then this becomes harder once it fixes as a daily habit.


Here is the reason that why does my cat bite my nose. You can see these reasons will help you to identify this instinct habit of biting your nose. Once you identify the habit of biting your nose, it is your turn to be dominant over your cat. Do try to give attention to your cat when it tries to bite your nose. If you are still struggling to know about nose biting, just refer to the reasons above. This will ensure you to allow your cat to live peacefully and happily.

So, train your cat to stop biting your nose and do provide with full attention!