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Cats have their body language, which explains a certain gesture or a meaning to respond to their pet owners. At times, it is possible to notice your cat staring quite a while. One stare means different expression your cat wants. Here I am going to provide you with an informational guide about why does my cat stare at me without blinking.

how long can a cat go without blinking

What does it Mean When a Cat Blinks at You?

As a pet owner, you may have noticed that your cat blinks at you and tries to express his body language to get your attention. Cats use non-verbal and verbal communications to convey messages to their pet owners. If you want to know the reason behind your cat blinking at you, they carry a meaning to convey the message.

Slow Blink

When a cat slows blinks at you, it is a sign that your cat is telling that you are my entire world. It defines, as ‘I love you’. This gesture occurs when the cat likes to be comfortable around you. To know if your cat slows blinks is by looking at you and slowly opening and closing his eyes.

Normally, cats blink for spreading the tears over the surface of their eyes to remove dirt or dust. This action is a quick gesture, as cats do not like having any residues entering their eyes. To determine between a slow blink and a normal blink is to observe your cat’s ears and tail.

Another way to observe slow cat blink is by looking at your cat’s pupils during the slow blink. Cats pupils’ dilate in response to various lighting conditions. This pupil dilation is the sign that your cat is anxious.

Fluttering blink

Fluttering blink is another gesture when a cat blinks at you. If you have another cat in your household, your beloved pet greets another cat or you in slow languid blinks. This gesture is a sign of a communicating affection between you or another cat.

In the feline world, closing one’s eyes in the presence of another is an indication of trust. When your cat blinks slowly at you, the cat is communicating as the awareness of the presence and shows no signs of threat.

Fluttering blink can also show the affection of butterfly kisses or cat kisses. This is also the sign of trust and showing that your cat loves you. When your cat blinks at you, try to return the gesture.

Why Does My Cat Keep Staring at Me?

Pet owners question themselves: why does my cat stare at me without blinking? This is something that most pet owners struggle to indicate the cats’ expression in the household.

Normally, cats observe every move we make in our household, as they share a deep interest in the activities we do. Cats like to watch every move you make in the house. Once you commit a single responsibility, even making a slight move in the kitchen cats are all over you.

What does it Mean When a Cat Stares at You?

Now you have the idea that cats observe every move we make in the household. In the world of feline body gestures, cats stare at you differently in various settings. If pet owners want to know that why does my cat stare at me without blinking, there are certain expression your cat indicates a definite message.

Such expressions mention below:


A cat’s most common stare is curiosity. This curiosity indicates that cats believe us humans to be lazy and noisy. The cat watches you carefully in which they try to understand what you are up to. This curiosity wonders the cats whether they will receive food. The hungrier the cat, the more the curiosity. If you go to the kitchen or fetching another food source, this is the sign that your cat stares for hunger. Your cat’s stare will remember your actions and the gestures you make, as cats are born with a strong memory.

Requesting attention

Most cats stare for requesting attention from you. Your cat needs certain attention, which indicates the reason why your pet stares at you. If your cat wants your attention, you need to think about the behaviour before staring. Such behaviours including jumping onto your lap, rubbing itself against you, requests for food and water and many more. If your cat wants to communicate, it feels you have ignored its cues and tries to find out why. If your cat wants attention, address verbally.

Sounds in the House

The cat may not stare at you but might stare pasts the sounds that caught the attention inside or outside of the house. Such sounds include cars horning, people having conversations or shops closing. Cats have superior hearing abilities that hear outside of the house. If your cat seems nervous about these sounds, reassure your pet.


Cats have fear and anxiety in such situations in which you have to identify what bothers his fear or anxiety. Cats have a strong fight or flight reflex. If your cat stares at you due to fear or anxiety, it needs your reassurance by soothing your pet using a calming pet bed.

Do observe its body language that reveals what scared so much. To address your cat’s fear is to approach your pet in a high- pitched voice and keep your hands open and visible. If your cat refuses to, walk away.


If your cat stares at you, do not stare back. Cats do not like the attention of looking directly in its eyes. If you stare in its eyes, it is a hostile gesture. This will then become aggressive behaviour, as the cat will try to attack you. If your cat becomes dominant over you, your pet will not let you enter the room and will become angry if not fed or petted on time. If this behaviour occurs with your cat, then this requires careful management.

Loss of eyesight

The cat’s vision loses its ability, as he grows older. Older cats will find it harder to see and relies on scents and hearing abilities to understand the world around it. This is where ongoing staring occurs. The loss of eyesight happens when your cat becomes clumsy and bumps into the objects frequently. Such situations will make it harder for the cat to jump or climb.

If your cat has these such behaviours, you need to place soft obstacles in front of the tray or food bowl.


The reason your cat keeps on staring is due to multiple sicknesses in which you need to be aware of if your cat has any health issues. Such sicknesses include:

- Key Gaskell Syndrome

- Toxicity

- Hypertension

- Cognitive decline

Why Does My Cat not blink?

How long can a cat go without blinking? This question is something, which pet owners want to know whether cats blink, or not. Unlike humans, cats do not blink their eyes quickly. A cat takes approximately fifty seconds to a minute to blink their eyes.

Since cats keep their eyes fully closed when they are fast asleep for such long hours during the day. The reason why your cat does not blink is that cats can squint their eyes. This squinting occurs where the upper and lower eyelids move close to each other. Cats squint to protect their eyes and do so with their cats or to you for showing affection.

If you notice that your cat stares at you for a long time without blinking, it tries to watch every move you make and knows how to react. This is the sign that your cat is frightened or feels threatened by you. Another reason that your cat does not blink is due to attempting to be dominant with other cats. 


Here is the informational guide about why does my cat stare at me without blinking. Cats have their body language and certain gestures that mean a certain thing to convey the message. Pet owners find a way to know the reason for such long stares of their cats. One stare can mean different expression in which your pet needs certain attention. To fulfil your cat’s stares and desires is to refer to the list above.

So spend good quality time with your cat!