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Which Cat Breed Should I Choose?

CUTE AND ADORABLE CAT BREEDS ADDING A FELINE FRIEND TO THE HOME Cats make some of the best pets. They have personalities and attitudes all their own. In fact, they may have such an attitude that it can often be difficult to distinguish who is the real owner and who is the pet. One of the best aspects of cats is that they’re usually quite independent. For apartment renters and others who live a busy life, a cat is a perfect pet because you can be outside of the house for long periods of time without worrying that the cat is making a lot of noise or tearing up your house. Knowing just what kind of cat to get, however,...

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What are the best cat treats for your cat and kitten?

BEST CAT TREATS When it comes to our furry friends, we all want to do our best to ensure that they live happy, healthy lives. From getting them warm beds and stimulating toys to regular vaccines and nutritious food, you probably work overtime to do provide your cat with premium care. And part of that care is, of course, treats! Treats are a great way to reward, train or calm your cat. They’re also great for bonding with your pet. If you’re looking for the best cat treats to feed your fluffy feline, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some reviews of treats, including best cat dental treats and health cat treats, that will help you make the...

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How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling On Their Leash

  As simple as it sounds, walking a dog on a leash is not always an easy task. It is common to find dogs who tend to pull on their leashes - sometimes with a lot of strength - while they seem to be taking their parents on a walk. This is especially so for stronger breeds like mastiffs and pit bulls. This situation can be quite stressful for many dog lovers as they do not understand why their doggy cannot stop pulling on the leash. Certified vet Dr. Stephanie explains why a dog pulls at its leash and how to prevent it. You might feel like this little boy right now, but with the proper equipment and training, you...

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