Knot Out™

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Understanding Knot Out™

When knots are removed by pulling, it puts pressure on the pet's skin, which is often, already irritated if it is near a knot.

Knot Out™ removes the knots in a different way. Watch this video to learn why it eliminates much pain and frustration.


★★★★★ "I order it for my yorkie and I love it so much Thanks" Belinda, California, Yorkie Owner

Removing Knots

Knot Out™ was designed primarily to remove knots from pet fur. Matts are more challenging. After reading the previous tips, you are ready to try Knot Out™. Remember not to remove several knots or large areas all at one time. This will avoid frustration and pain for your pet.

Get your pet used to the noise by pressing the on button a few times before you start combing, then prepare removing any tangles without pressing the on button on Knot Out™. Always comb in the direction of the fur.

Now you are ready to start. When you find a knot, simply back off a little, press the on button, and move the comb towards the knot slowly allowing it to cut. Avoid pulling. If it is a big knot, separate it and get rid of it a little at a time. The blades will occasionally get bogged down with fur, be sure to brush it off often during use.


★★★★★ "At first I did not know if this was going to work but after using it what a tool wish I had one years ago" Robert Nuhn, Ohio, Poodle Owner

Removing Matts

Matts are a serious problem for your pet. That is why it is important to avoid them by removing knots with Knot Out™ before the problem gets out of control. If your pet has a matt problem, you might consider taking him to a professional.

But with patience and perseverance, Knot Out™ can be a good tool to help you remove matts, avoiding pain for your pet.

The key is to do it little by little and separate the matts into small sections. Remove the problems close to the surface, working your way in, never pulling hard, allowing the rotating blades to cut without pressure. The blades will occasionally get bogged down with fur, be sure to clean them often during use.


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Battery Installation:

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover by pulling it down and off.
    Note: It may require additional force to remove the battery compartment cover.
  2. Insert four "AAA" batteries (not included) into the compartment in the polarity direction shown.
  3. Replace the battery compartment cover.


If the motor won't run when you press the on button, Please check that the batteries are fresh and installed properly.

If the motor in Knot Out™ stops working, the comb probably needs cleaning. Just remove the fur from the comb and from the blade. Also, check the batteries.

It's very easy. Watch this video to learn how: