Cat Grass Seeds -100pcs/pack

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1. Help cats vomit hairballs, reduce the accumulation of hairball.

2. Increasing plant fiber can help digestion and recuperate the health of the stomach and intestines.

3. Cat grass contains plant vitamin C and chlorophyll, which can help cats grow and help cats and dogs ease mild gastrointestinal upset.

4. Planting methods: pour two packs of magic crystal medium into the planting box and add a full box of water and soak for 10 hours. Meanwhile, take a small container to soak the cat seeds for 10 hours. 10 hours later, the superfluous water of the cat's plant was dropped, the water in the box disappeared, and the beautiful magic crystal beads were seen in front of the box. The moisture content of 98% provides enough moisture for the seeds. Sprinkle the seeds on the surface of the crystal medium. Seed germination, need water and air, so, a little hard to press the seed in the crystal medium, so that they can be more fully exposed to water-bearing crystal beads, the other part of the body exposed to the air can breathe freely. Then spray some water on the surface of the seed with a watering pot to keep the seeds and the medium moist. Every morning and evening, sprinkling water with a watering can do not let the medium and cat grass grow too dry. After careful care and temperature, you will germinate on the two days, and you will see its growth every day. Cats wait patiently for a week to get the delicious cat grass.

5. The grass can attract cats to eat.



1.  Cat grass contains Vitamin A, B complex, E and K, along with Minerals and Amino Acid.

2. Helps to promote beautiful shiny coat and is god for the skin

3. Helps in the passage of indigestible objects such as hairballs and feather

4. Also, freshen breathe


Package Include:

2 x bag(200 grains)