Automatic Cat Water Dispenser

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This Automatic Cat Water Dispenser is designed to encourage your cat to drink. It provides fresh, flowing water, so it will be a great choice if your cat prefers to drink running water. It features multi-height drinking levels, to allow your cat to find the drinking position it is most comfortable in. This also means that multiple pets can use it, even smaller dogs.

This can be very important because some cats can get scared of the noises some automatic cat food and water dispensers make, and will therefore refuse to use the product. Imagine spending money on a pet product that your pet won’t even use, this is the situation the we trying to avoid.

  • 2.5L water capacity size, do not waste too much water, beautiful also save space.
  • Ultra-quiet motor design, manufacturers test decibel about 30 to 40 dB or so, so that home is quiet and comfortable.
  • To promote the pet water, can prevent the occurrence of urinary tract disease.
  • Activated carbon filter filter capacity is good, the effect of living water cycle is more times, hair good water quality.
  • Ultra low battery and good durability.
  • Food grade plastic non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Stand-alone drinking fountains are attached with a piece of activated carbon filter.

Filter replacement instructions

  1. Filter cartridges are recommended to be changed every 30 days,To achieve good filtration results
  2. The filter may be a little powder when it leaves the factory, which is normal.The new filter is recommended to be used after soaking in clean water for 2 minutes.
  3. Press and hold the filter button for 3 seconds after replacing the filter,Until the orange light goes out