Anti Choke "Doggy Slow Bowl"

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Make Meals Last up to 10x Longer!

Slow Bowl feature meal-lengthening ridges and valleys that prevent indigestion and make mealtime last up to 10x longer. With a Slow Bowl, furry friends eat a healthier, and more balanced meal.

Vets Agree That Slower Feeding is Safer Feeding!

Rapid eating can lead to a variety of health issues for dogs. Slow Bowl provide a unique feeding solution that improves digestion and helps prevent bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity.

Normal Bowls are Boring!

The Slow Bowl lets dogs chase their food through a maze of ridges and valleys, which makes dinnertime feel more like a hunt. It rewards play with bits of food, and dogs become more engaged as the meal goes on.

Why do I need a Slow Bowl? 

When a dog eats too quickly, it swallows too much air.  This can result in upset stomach, vomiting, regurgitating, or having excess gas soon after eating.  More seriously, veterinarians say that dogs who inhale their food have an increased risk of choking, digestive problems, and canine obesity.  You may wonder why canine obesity is included in this list.  Canine obesity can be a result when a dog who is not portion fed eats quickly, causing overeating and consequent indigestion and discomfort, as well as disrupting a dog’s regular exercise pattern, and leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and of course, weight gain.

Dogs with deeper chests that eat their food quickly are also at greater risk of developing bloat, technically known as GDV (gastric dilatation volvulus).  This life threatening condition is caused when gas builds up in a dog’s stomach and can’t get out.  As the gas accumulates, the stomach swells and often twists.  Although it can occur in any type of dog, it tends to show up more frequently in larger, deep-chested dogs.  Older dogs (over 7) are at greater risk compared to younger ones.
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Volume: 500ml
Material: Plastic
Package Weight: 0.420kg (0.93lb.)
Package Size: 26cm x 22cm x 26cm (10.24in x 8.66in x 10.24in)

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