LED Drinking Water Filter for Pets - New 1.8L

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Give Your Pet CLEAN FRESH WATER Ready To Drink

This Drinking Fountain Will Keep Your Pet SAFE From Tap Water illness...

★Our Best Seller LED Drinking Water Filter with FREE Worldwide Delivery


  • Give your pet BETTER tasting water 
  • Built-In blue LED light for your pets to drink easier at night. 
  • Flowing water ATTRACTS pets to drink MORE water to keep them hydrated 
  • Perfect for ANY PET - cats, small and medium-sized dogs, hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, puppies etc. 
  • Do not disturb the sleeping pet SUPER SILENT & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION 
  • High-performance carbon filters Remove magnesium, calcium, chlorine, odors, and bacteria from tap water, and retains stray hairs, sediment, and debris. 
  • This pump runs SUPER quiet, with 2w low power consumption. Can run for 20,000 hours 
  • Equipped with blue LED light for visibility. 
  • EASY to wash and clean, simply hand-wash each part with natural soap 
  • Non-toxic and BPA-FREE plastic design, keep your pets and yourself SAFE 
  • Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces, ALWAYS have fresh water ready to drink 
  • Contains an ultra-fine charcoal filter that eliminates impurities, 
  • Your family pets deserve healthy water! 
  • Blue LED Light Can Choose to Turn OFF and ON as you want. 
  • The Drinking Fountain does NOT include the cats 😂
  • Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use and replace it every 2-4 weeks to maintain water freshness. 
  • Please do not make the water exceed the line port position, in case water overflows.
  • Clean the pump in 2 weeks and replacement of water when the water is below the 1/4 capacity. 


    • With LED Light Feature
    • Auto shut off when water gets low
    • Water Capacity: 1.8L/60ounces
    • Size: L25 x W19.5 x H11cm / 10 x 8 x 4 inches
    • Voltage:220V

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