Official Pet Washer 360 Degree Shower Tool Kit

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Product Features:

This offer includes the Washer 360, the best pet grooming tool for safely and easily washing and rinsing dogs of all sizes in less than one minute.

Just attach Washer 360 to any garden hose and add the dog shampoo of your choice to the dispenser.

Slip the hoop over your dog and slide to turn on; the shampoo and water mix instantly to wash your pup from head to toe. 

Washer 360 makes the cleansing process gentler and faster and washes hard-to-reach areas.

Washing your pet will be a chore no more with the Washer 360, one of our most popular pet supplies on the market.




Product Dimensions:


15.75 inches x 15.75 inches x 1.2 inches (40cm x 40cm x 3cm)

15.2 ounces (0.43kg)




Package includes:

1 X Woof Washer 


Instructional Video:

  • Connect Washer 360 to hose after filling up soap container

  • Turn soap valve on and lather dog with soap

  • Give dog a quick scrub

  • Turn soap valve off and rinse the soap off

Source: ABC15 Arizona