Dog Rope Chew Toys

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Chewing is a natural habit for all dogs. It fulfills needs such as relieving anxiety and exercising their jaws. Puppies, in particular, like to chew when they are teething.

The Dog Rope Chew Toys are the perfect toys to help prevent unwanted chewing. Instead of tearing apart your furniture or ruining a new pair of shoes, these heavy-duty rope chew toys keep your dog busy and satisfy their need to chew.



  • Promotes Healthy Gums and Teeth: The twisted flexible rope design reduces plaque buildup by cleaning your dog’s teeth while chewing. Also, help prevent gum disease by gently massaging your pet’s gums while the fibers of the cotton rope softly floss your dog’s teeth.
  • Reduces Separation Anxiety: Keep your dog busy and entertained while you are away. This awesome pair of soft, chewable dog toys help alleviate boredom, relieve separation anxiety and reduces damage to your home and furnishings.
  • Perfect for Fetching, Tossing or Tugging: Perfect interactive toys to teach your dog how to fetch or spend precious bonding time playing tug-of-war. These tough rope chew toys provide you and your dog with hours of exercise and fun.
  • Soft, Strong and Safe: Made of 100% purely cotton, dye safe, braided tight without any toxic plastic or rubber parts.
  • Washable: Dog Rope Chew Toys are washable so feel free to let your dog take his new buddies outside to play with him.



  • Material: 100% Natural Cotton Fiber