Dog Comfort Vest - Anti Anxiety, Fear and Stress Relief

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Are your dogs scared of thunder, fireworks and loud noises?

Fireworks, thunder, traveling in a strange place, walking on a crowded venue,
sometimes make our fur friends feel frightened. They whine, pant, shiver or drool and they need care and love to get comfort.

Like swaddling an infant, our Dog Comfort Vest applies pressure over the back and sides of the dog’s chest, serving as a calming “hug.”  It calms them down and makes them feel safe. It reduces stress, fear and anxiety for dogs.


  • Our Dog Comfort Vest is designed to give constant pressure at your dog’s body to ease your dog’s fear, anxiety, and over-excitement. This calms them down and makes them feel safe.
  • Our Dog Comfort Vest is made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. It will not hurt the skin of your dog even if they wear it for a long time.
  • Durable and machine washable 
  • Easy to wear. Apply in seconds without any complicated straps or buckles. You can adjust the flaps freely to make a perfect fit.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Gray, Blue
  • Size: Abdomen: S 48-58 cm / 18.9-22.8", M 58-68 cm / 22.8-26.8", L  68-78 cm / 26.8-30.7"


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