About Us

How We Started

We started Sugar Pet Shop when we found it hard to find high-quality dog and cat products conveniently. We love our pets and they deserve the best. Now, we have one goal in mind: to improve the lives of pets and pet owners!

A small, family-owned business

When you buy from Sugar Pet Shop, you're not buying from a huge organization. Instead, you're buying from a local family-owned business. We love being close to our customers and this ensures you get assistance quickly.

Direct to Consumer

The traditional retail model involves expensive rentals and layers of distributors and retailers which adds to the cost of the product without adding value. Ultimately, consumers like you bear the cost of these inefficiencies. We employ a strictly online and direct to consumer model where we cut out expensive middlemen and sell directly to you. This streamlined operation minimizes costs significantly and we pass the cost savings to you. It also allows us to get faster feedback which we use to improve our products. 


Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at hello@sugarpetshop.com. If you prefer to chat, call us at (804) 20SUGAR.

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Sugar Pet Shop is a website under Sugar Thyme Investments Private Limited.