Blind Dog Bumper

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The Blind Dog Bumper allows poorly sighted dogs to better navigate whatever spaces they are in. The halo will bump into furniture, other dogs, or walls before your dog does! Builds confidence while allowing the dog to participate in normal activities.


  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • It comes attached to harness or vest, depending on the dog’s size.
  • Harness/vest provides high-quality comfort.
  • Builds the dog’s confidence.
  • It allows the dog to navigate spaces without bumping head.
  • Helps dogs with poor vision due to SARDS, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal diseases, trauma, and diabetes.


  • Material: Foam, Polyester
  • Size: XXS ≦25cm/9.84 in, 30-55 cm/11.81in-21.65in, XS ≦35cm/13.78 in, 38-62 cm/14.96in-24.41in, S ≦40cm/15.75 in, 42-80 cm/16.54in-31.5in, M ≦50cm/19.69 in, 42-80 cm/16.54in-31.5in, L ≦55cm/21.65 in, 50-95 cm/19.69in-37.4in, 
  • Color: Blue


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