Bungee Buddy For Dogs & Cats

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The easy way to give your dogs and cats access to your room, while keeping the door closed!

  • The door guard allows your pets to open the door and enter, while the Bungee Buddy elastic strap closes automatically behind them!
  • The Bungee Buddy is super easy to install and much more affordable than cat doors or dog gates!
  • No drilling or hammering, just stick on in seconds!
  • Adjust the installation height according to the height of cats and dogs
  • Simple, convenient and works like a charm
No more getting up yourself to open the doors for your pets! 

The package includes one connecting bungee rope, two holders and one push door plate.

Installation steps

Step 1: Install the white push door. Determine the height at which your pet can push the door to determine the position of the white push door plate.

Step 2: Let pets practice pushing the door open.

Step 3: Mount the Bungee Buddy. The more loops you put on the white disk ,the more effort it takes to open the door. Conversely, the less loops you put on the door, the easier it is to open the door.