Cat Breakaway Collar with Bell

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With this Cat Breakaway Collar with Bell your cat will not be able to sneak-up as quietly on preying birds and small critters with the jingling of the bell. Cats are natural predators, but research shows that over half of their kills are merely just for fun; only one-third are actually consumed. 

With the bell on his collar, we could hear from the other room the sound the bell made each time he jumped on the counter. It was a distinct noise that we otherwise wouldn’t have heard if it weren’t for the bell on the collar. Now, we don’t put a bell on Yoda because he’s learnt not to jump up on tables or counters, or scratch at his parent’s furniture

  • With safety release buckle, you can easy to take on and off
  • Made of high quality nylon material, reflective strap cute star printing adds more security
  • With this collar and ringing bell, you could find your lovely pet quickly, also the bell sound can help your cat drive away other hostile animals
  • A Cat Bell Can Alert Critters