Cat Food Slow Feeder

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One of the ways by which you can slow down the feeding time is to use Cat Food Slow Feeder. Just like slow feed dog bowls, these smartly designed feed bowls help in managing the feeding speed, resulting in healthier, happier cats.

Some cats just love to gobble their food. This feeding behavior to finish-off the food within seconds of it being served is not necessarily a healthy habit. After all, the nature intended for the cat to hunt for its food and feed in small units. Excessively fast feeding can lead to “scarf and barf” – vomiting by the feline soon after a meal.


  • Safe Material-high quality ABS plastic material,non-toxic, Eco-friendly ,healthy
  • Unique Design-Rotatable the feeding trough,dog/cat can get the food only turning the slow feeder,then through bottom of plate to control dog eating speed
  • IQ Training Toys-Provide more fun and interaction for pets as well as owners,improve pets' IQ ,agility,flexibility
  • Weight control  -avoid dogs/cats eating too much every time, and prevent from obesity,make pet healthy
  • Install easily-it is easy to install and disassemble,easy to carry and storage
  • Beautiful Package-with beautiful package,good choice as gifts