Kitty Scooper

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Millions of people love cats and share their homes with them. But ask any cat owner what they dislike most about having a cat in their home, and they’ll likely tell you: "SCOOPING THE LITTERBOX!"

We have the answer: Kitty Scooper is a lightweight, zinc-coated metal that is easy to clean and perfect for multi-cat families and professionals!

There's no need to shake it when scooping because the litter falls right through the round tines, so there's NO DUST! All you're lifting is the waste.

Kitty Scooper is the last scoop you will ever need, and it's guaranteed!


  • Rapid sifting cat litter in 1 second, keeps litter in clumps and less dust inhalation.
  • Sturdy, made of 4mm diameter stainless steel wire.
  • Easy cleaning. Smooth surface with epoxy resin coating makes it corrosion resistant.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 13.78"/35cm x 6.10"/15.5cm


Here's What People Are Saying About Our "Kitty Scooper"

"I have a few scoops now & this one is just a tad bit better than litter lifter which I still highly recommend as well, These save you so much time as they really do sift so much faster with really no shaking required!! Trust me those other metal scoops are no match, they do take longer for the litter to fall through which can mean more dust, etc. Get one! You will not be disappointed!" - Madeline H, US

"As a crazy cat lady, I have many litter boxes. With the old scoops, even those I paid a lot for, it seemed like I'd spend half the day scooping boxes.
I tried almost every scoop & every litter on the market trying to figure out why the boxes never sifted well & took forever to clean. It was definitely the scoops! This thing is huge yet can get into the corners & easily grab those clumps you normally have to scrape & scrape to get free. Plus, the design lets litter sift out the sides too so you don't even have to shake it, it does all the work for you!" - Iris H, US

"I love it! It quickly and efficiently scoops waste in your cat's litter box and makes the cleanup task you dread daily a breeze! I like the design and feel - there's a nice ergonomic grip to the handle. Since it is stainless steel, it can easily be cleaned and disinfected, something you cannot do with plastic scoops. I give it a big 4 paws up!" - Shelly T, Ca