Cat Waste Bags

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 Cat Waste Bags are essential for easy litter box clean-up. Simply line your cat’s litter box with one of these odor neutralizing bags and then when it’s time to replace the litter, remove it into the trash all at once. No more scraping the bottom of the litter box! These poop bags cover up unpleasant smells with a fresh, fruity scent but are also available unscented for pet parents with sensitive sniffers. Best of all, they fit into most standard leash dispensers for quick access during walks.

  •  Material: Plastic pet pooper bags
  • Type: Pet pooper bags,cat dog pooper bags
  • Pattern: Solid pet cat dog pooper bags
  • Season: All seasons pet cat dog pooper bags
  • Feature:Convenient, disposable,portable  pet cat dog pooper bags
  • Suitable for: Small medium large dogs and cats
  • Use for:​​ Outdoor pet picking, dog waste cleaning