Cycling Rear View Mirror Wrist Strap - Bike Accessories

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This comfortable, wide angle wrist rearview mirror will not only keep you safe by helping to prevent accidents but is also extremely convenient to use! With a soft, breathable, durable fabric used, it will provide you with long lasting comfort, from those long hauls to the quick ride.

Do you use your headphones while riding? If so, this will allow you to compensate for the loss of hearing awareness with added visual awareness. This product is great for both adults and kids. When riding together it's easy to see those behind you without having to constantly look back. It also makes a great gift for those you care about!

Just simply slip on the wrist mirror, fold it back and attach the velcro to the desired position, that's all you need to do for added safety!

There is a very thin film in the mirror. It is used to protect it from scratch: 
Size: approx. 9*8*2.5cm
Mirror size: Diameter 5cm