Dog Cooling Collar

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Our dog needs extra help to keep them stay cool and comfortable on summertime walks. Our Dog Cooling Collar designed with a built-in leash hole allows your dog to walk, to run freely and stay cool. It performs well in absorbing heat to regulate temperature and effectively makes your dog feel cool in hot summer.


  • Brings coolness to your dog for hours by absorbing heat to adjusts the temperature.
  • Breathable and made of 100% non-toxic premium cooling touch polyester fiber which is safe and non-irritating.
  • Built-In leash hole so your dog can stay cool on the go.
  • The fiber fabric is thin, light, soft and comfortable for pets to use in hot summer.
  • Suitable for taking your pet out for walks, sports, mountain climbing, etc.



  • Material: Polyester Fiber
  • Size (Neck x Width): S 35 x 11 cm, M 45 x 13 cm, L 55 x 16 cm


How To Use:

  • Put it into water
  • Wring out water
  • Put it into the fridge for 10 minutes then take it out
  • Put it on your dog’s neck


Here's What People Are Saying About "Dog Cooling Collar"

"I got these for my Shepard mix and my pugs. They loved wearing the cooling collars. It gets hot here in the Arizona heat and these definitely help." - Jelly K, US

"The Dog Cooling Collar I bought for our English Mastiff seems to be helping to keep her cooler. It is easy to put on and to remove from her neck, stretchy enough to do without making her uncomfortable at all." - Robin R, US

"Wow! We live in Arizona and this thing STAYS cool in the 115-degree weather. Our dog was fetching and after running for about 30 minutes we felt it and it was still cool!" - Arielle M, US