Dog Food Puzzle Feeder

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This Dog Food Puzzle Feeder is a great way to satisfy a dog’s natural desire to hunt and work for their food, which may just be the key to motivate your picky eater. 

Dogs need toys for a number of reasons, and dog puzzle games and toys are designed to fulfill those needs. The best dog puzzle toys will offer hours of entertainment, mental stimulation, exercise, and overall fun!

These toys can help occupy your dog while they are confined. Though, keep in mind that toys made to be tossed or rolled around may require a bigger confined space.

What Do Puzzle Toys Do For Dogs?

On a side note, did you know that zookeepers also employ puzzles and games to keep their wild charges happy and healthy?

For example, bear handlers at the zoo hide the bears’ lunches to encourage foraging behaviors, which takes more time and which the bears also enjoy. This also greatly decreases problematic behaviors like pacing, which upsets the keepers, the bears, and the zoo visitors.

Along the same lines, dog puzzle toys naturally encourage interactive play. This can be its own motivation to keep working to solve the puzzles.

In fact, research studies support that the best results from the use of puzzle toys for dogs comes when the owner is also involved in playing with and using the toys with their dog.


  • Scent holes on the chambers assist in the dog's search for reward!
  • Dispenses treats that fall randomly into one of the four treat chambers.
  • Dogs work out which chamber to open and flap to lift by using scent to retrieve the treat.
  • It's also an excellent way to slow down your dog's rapid consumption of meals (and stops the vomiting!)
  • Picky eaters
  • Gives you a break
  • Keeps them busy in the crate