Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Stand

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 Drying your pets hair can be a nightmare, as you have to control the pet, a brush or comb and the hairdryer, this Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Stand takes one of those annoyances away, as it is supplied with a position-able stand, leaving you free to control your pet. Simply hold in the button and position the hairdryer to angle upward, downward or straight ahead, release the button and get on with the rest of the job, safe in the knowledge that the hairdryer is pointing where you need it to be. The hairdryer itself can be removed from the stand when greater precision is required, and also features a cool-shot button for extra styling hold.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Designed to fit any size hair dryer
  • Portable
  • Made using high-quality materials to provide long-term strength and use
  • This convenient feature allows you to use the stand on the floor or countertop to meet your specific needs.
  • Flexible neck allows you to position the hair dryer just right.