Electric Centipede Cat Toy with Remote

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This remote controlled centipede cat toy might look scary at first, but it will bring out the hunting instincts of your cat! Cats are natural hunters and this toy is a good outlet for their natural instincts. Trigger the feline stalk and pounce with the motion of this centipede. Give your cat a good workout, both physically and mentally. This positive interaction time will strengthen your relationship with your cat!
Imagine all the fun you can have teasing your cat or scaring your spouse. This is a realistic looking Centipede with a two channel control. Get yours today and have a load of fun teasing whoever is around.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED CENTIPEDE: This remote control centipede toy can precisely simulate the real one crawling and it moves fast! Very lifelike centipede toy!
  • 2 KINDS OF CRAWL MODELS: Press the forward button, the centipede will automatically move straight and you can press the right or left button when it move straight. Press forward again, the centipede pause, then press the right and left button simultaneously for 3 seconds, the centipede manually move and only turn right or left.
  • GLOWING EYES: When you start the switch, the centipede's eyes will glow. How cool!
  • CONVENIENT & QUICK USB CHARGING: The centipede comes with usb charging port and can recharge quickly.

Function: Crawling Forward, Left and Right , Glowing Eyes, the direction of fine-tuning function, Three different frequencies to choose from
Ready to run and radio control
Comes with a remote controller
Dimension: 42 cm x 7 cm (16.6*2.4 inch)
Remote Control Distance: About 10 Meter / 32 f.
Charging Time: About 30 Minutes
Package Included:
  • 1 Centipede Toy
  • 1 USB Charge Wire
  • 1 Remote Control - (requires 3 pcs 1.5V L1154 battery. Not included)

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