Double Layer Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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If you are still upset about cat litter scattering around the house, if your kittens still resist walking on the cat mat, if you spend much time cleaning your floor, our Double Layer Waterproof Cat Litter Mat perfectly solve these problems.

This Double Layer Cat Litter Mat is designed for a one entry cat litter box. It effectively covers the entry area, and the arch edge cutout slides under many litter boxes on the market.


    • Large and deep holes trap litter from box and cat paws, saving your unnecessary cleaning time.
    • The bottom layer is waterproof and also slip-resistant which will not allow any liquid to go through and easy to move. Outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive. For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine.
    • Made of lightweight, durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber.
    • Easy to clean: Simply pick up the mat then pour out litter or dump it back into the litter box, then rinse and replace. Saves time!



          • Material: EVA + Cloth
          • Color: Black, Grey
          • Size: Small: 40x 50 CM, Medium: 46x 60 CM, Large: 55X 70 CM
          • Weight: Small: 0.3kg, Medium: 0.4kg, Large: 0.6kg