Flexibuddy™ - Portable Mobile Holder

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The Flexibuddy can rotate 360 degree and to view your device at any angle or orientation while laying in bed, on the couch, at your desk, taking a  bath, or at the gym.

Large Secure Base for Stable Mounting without Vibrations, tight and bendy arm, secures your smartphone and other electronic devices tightly to prevent the unit from falling or moving around

Perfect for view phone & enjoy music & phone games on bed, desk, car, beside sofa, workout equipment, etc.

Works on all smartphones & tablets!


Product length: 700mm
Holder opening width: 120-180mm
Base opening width: 0~75mm
Craft: highlight, CNC process, plate electrode+ sandblast
Colors: white , black 
Product style: minimalist and fashionable style
Applied device: devices with 4-10.1 inches screen phones and tablets