Flower-Shaped Cat Bed

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Give your pets the coziest bed for the best naps!

This Flower-Shaped Cat Bed is designed with your cat’s comfort in mind and home decor as well. It will provide the coziest naps ever. It creates a warm and comfy bed for your cats and small dogs too.


  • Provide Privacy: This bed will offer your pet the privacy they crave to enjoy their nap, snuggling or sleeping time on their own.
  • Cute Design: This bed features a cute flower-shaped design that will be suitable for anywhere in your house such as; bedroom, living room or even the balcony to add a decorative touch to your place.
  • Better Sleep: Providing a sense of security will definitely meet your pet’s living habit, so your pet will have better naps.
  • Bite-Resistance: This bed is bite-resistant, not collecting hair and easy to clean. The rounded edges will make it very hard on your pets to scratch it.
  • Safe Material: Completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics. Safe for your cat, your family, and our world.
  • Best Gift for Cat Owners: Treat yourself or someone dear with this cute flower-shaped cat bed that makes the perfect gift for cat owners.


  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Size: 50cm (20 inch) x 50cm (20 inch) x 15cm (6 inch)