Flying Fairy Dolls

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Little girls love to get lost in magical daydreams, but wouldn't it be great if you could grant their wish of meeting an actual fairy? Sprinkle a bit of magic into the toy box and let imagination take flight with these Flying Fairy Dolls!


Enjoy a enchanting experience with today's deal. The stunning fairy dolls have the ability to fly beautifully through the sky with the simplest of gestures; raise your hand and the fairy will follow!


Dancing effortlessly in front of their eyes, children will love having the magic in their fingertips as they decide which direction fairy will go next. Perfect as a Christmas gift for girls, everyone will love watching as the dolls flutter and glide around the room.


Put the fairy dust into their hands; with 50% off today's deal.


  • Features

  • -Enjoy enchanting fairytale fun with these Flying Fairy Dolls
  • -Dolls come in blue, pink or yellow
  • -Beautiful winged dolls that can magically take flight!
  • -Size: 21cm (H) x 12cm (W) 
  • -USB charged - no need for batteries!
  • -Use your hand to guide the dolls through the sky with ease
  • -Watch in awe as the gorgeous fairies dance gracefully in front of you
  • -Perfect Christmas gift idea for children who love magic!