Full Body Hair Removal Depilatory Paste

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Quantity: 1 Tube /60g

How to apply
Apply the cream evenly so that it covers the hair to be removed. 

Leave the cream on for 3-8 minutes(depending on hair texture) with the possibility of extension up to 10-20 minutes if your hair is not damaged.

Take off the cream with towel or cotton pads. Washing the area effectively removes unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and moisturised.

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair at the skin's surface. Your hair isn't pulled out from the root like it is when you wax, so you may find yourself using the cream more often, since the hair grows back quicker. But, the process doesn't hurt like a mother.

Be sure to test the cream on a small area on your leg / arm before using it.