Giggle Dog Toy

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 This Giggle Dog Toy is an interactive toy allows dogs to entertain themselves! It makes fun giggly Noises when pushed around, shaken around, or picked up by the easy clutches. Giggle Dot Toy helps keep dogs fit and healthy even when they don't get to go out and run around!

After contact, the ball will be in a motion bounce for 15-20 seconds, automatically shuts off, Includes an interactive dog-to-dog sound effect and add sensory-stimulating. Best Interactive Dog Squeak Toys- These toys are interactive and sensory-stimulating.

Offers a superior quality of plush natural cover material, safe, durable, intertwined together, strengthen the tolerance to be chew. ABS electrical insulation squeaking ball bouncing. The inside electronic ball is not a chew ball, please avoid dogs to chew and play with the ball without any plush cover.

One of the Best Interactive Toy! Great For Dogs Of All Ages. Interactive Noisy Toys Dogs and cats are sure to become your furry friend's best friend. These stuffed dog toys products can make life with your dog happier, healthier, and much more fun.

How to use:

  • Open Plush Nylon Sticker Cover, take off the ball device
  • Remove insulating strip and press switch button
  • Press the button and shake aggressively to activate the device.
  • (If it does not activate press the bottom and shake again).
  • Put the ball back to the cover more and start playing
  • The ball will stop automatically after 15-20 seconds and motion activate again by shaking or powerful tapping