Halter Head Dog Collar No Pain No Pull Adjustable Leash

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  • Enjoy stress-free walks with the No-Pull Halter Head Leash; Perfect for training dogs to heel

  • Stops excessive leash pulling and prevents unwanted behaviour like lunging, jumping and barking

  • Provides immediate and gentle control

  • Adjustable nylon straps with neoprene padded nose loop for added comfort

  • Not a muzzle: dogs can pant, eat and drink with this leash on. Does not cause choking and is painless

  • Made of high quality and durable soft nylon.

How does the Halter Head Dog Collar Work?

The nose loop goes around the dog’s nose & jaw and acts in the same way as a pack-leader’s mouth – this is a clear signal to the dog that you are the leader. The neck strap puts pressure on the back of the neck which causes an instinctive relaxation response when the dog tries to pull forwards. The dog will instinctively lean back against the pressure, putting an end to pulling on the lead forever.

Traditional collars put pressure on the front of the throat, causing dogs to keep pulling even while choking. This does not choke your dog. It has been scientifically designed to direct the dog’s entire body by controlling its head & nose – and wherever it’s nose goes its body will follow.

When your dog tries to pull, the force will cause the dog's head to turn towards you, similar to what a pack leader does to establish authority.

Size Chart:


  • Mouth Range: 3.5-8.3in   
  • Neck Strap:10.6-14in 
  • Leash Length:7.9in


  • Mouth Range: 3.9-9.8in   
  • Neck Strap:12.6-15.7in 
  • Leash Length:9.5in


  • Mouth Range: 3.9-11.8in 
  • Neck Strap:13.8-18.1in 
  • Leash Length:10.6in


  • Mouth Range:3.9-13.0in 
  • Neck Strap:15.7-20.9in 
  • Leash Length:12.2in


  • Mouth Range:4.8-15.2in 
  • Neck Strap:17.9-24in 
  • Leash Length:13.8in

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