Healthy Dog Nutrition Snack - 2 pieces

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  • [NUTRITION] - This dog treat is made up of xylose (a type of sugar) and contains various nutrients such as natural omega-3 fatty acids, seaweed powder and multivitamins to help your dog's health
  • [FUNCTION] - Xylose can help dogs regulate the stomach and reduce the odour of their faeces. The seaweed powder can brighten your dog's hair. 
  • [FOOD GRADE PE MATERIAL] - This dog treat is packaged in food grade PE material, absolutely safe, non-toxic and harmless, can be safely given to your dog
  • [EASY TO USE] - Dog treat can be covered with a protective cover. When you want to give your dog a treat, you can open it. After eating cover it back. The sticker on the back of the product can be used to stick this anywhere convenient, on the floor, on the wall or on the door
  • [NOTE] - You can only eat one at most in one day. It is recommended to give the dog only a few minutes at a time, then put a protective cover on the refrigerator and put it in the refrigerator.