Hover Cover - Microwave Guard

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Hover Cover is a microwave splatter cover shield that sits over your bowls or plates and provides protection. Rather than affixing directly to the plate or bowl like others on the market, this unit sits on top, hovering over the entire food without touching it. The steam vents prevent soggy food. When you are done using the unit you can just use the magnets on top to easily store it right inside the microwave until next time.


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 Keeps Microwave Clean

The Hover Cover is a great way to keep your microwave clean. When you prepare foods that splatter or spill over, few people wash them out immediately, especially if the microwave is difficult to reach. This means that the more food is prepared, the more burnt that splatter becomes. With the special splatter guard, any food splatter ends up on the inside of the Hover Cover and no the microwave.

 Ease Storage

When you are not using it, you can leave it in the microwave. Thankfully though, you do not have to take it out each time you want to reheat something, then place it over your food. Instead, microwave safe plastic magnets hold it up against the top of the microwave in waiting while not in use. Then you can just pull it down. .

Fits All Things

The bubble shape is big enough to cover most platters, bowls, and dinner plates so you do not have to worry about fitting all of your food onto a small bowl. It is also large enough to fit into almost any standard microwave.

No Rags

When you use the Hover Cover you can reheat leftovers without spills, naturally covering your food. You can do so without the risk of rags that fall onto the plate and contaminate it, or bowls or plates that leave the food soggy.

Steam Vents

Opposite the magnets on the top of the unit you will find steam vents. These are specially designed to reheat food but still allow steam out so that food remains fresh. With other covers like lids, bowls, or plates, you do not have this option.


The unit is made with a non-stick microwave safe plastic, so any splatter that it catches can be wiped right off. If it does get too dirty though, you can throw it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.