Inductive Toy Truck

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The amazing magic Inductive Toy Truck!.. It moves by drawing black lines on a piece of paper. Whatever design you draw, the truck will follow. It's AWESOME!  This year must have toy!

Your kids are sure to be amazed! This amazing toy is uniquely designed to move according to black lines drawn on paper. Simply draw a line on a blank piece of paper and enjoy as it moves following the lines!

Using its induction power and optical sensor feature, the Magic Toy Truck will follow any black lines that are not too thin or too thick. Make learning to draw fun for your kids with This! Its travel-friendly size makes it easy to carry around during traveling or on the go. This super fun toy will sure keep your kids entertained for hours! 

Let your kid's creativity flow while having fun with the Magic Toy Truck!  Very Limited supply so grab one today while we still have some stock.

IMPORTANT:  Adult supervision required. Suitable for 5 years plus.  Wheels and tracks on the truck can be removed which could be a choking hazard to infants.

Package Includes:

1 *Truck

1* Marker

1* Piece Paper With Pre Drawn Track

1* Set of Instructions