Interactive Turntable Cat Toy

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   The toy that will keep your cats HEALTHY, ACTIVE and ENTERTAINED throughout the day!

   How It Works: What's unique about this toy is that the ball will spin repeatedly while the top part will spin and the mouse will shake to stimulate your cat.

    Keep Your Cat Active & Healthy: As the ball spins repeatedly, your cat will chase it non-stop thus providing exercise and entertainment for hours.

    How It Can Help The Owner: Worry no more when you leave your cats alone during the day! This toy will keep them busy while you work or run an errand.

    Premium Quality: Made of high quality, non-toxic environmental friendly ABS plastic, safe and harmless to your pet.

    Product Details: Track Diameter: 10inches, Mouse Pole Standing Height: 5.9inches, Total Height: 8.3inches.

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