Jumping Ball Dog Toy

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Dogs should be given the right amount of exercise they need. But most pet owners are too busy to give their pets the amount of exercise they need. Well, the Jumping Ball Dog Toy offers the solution! This interactive toy will keep your furry friends entertained for hours.



  • Auto Sound and Bounce: The ball will automatically make dog sounds and shake in random motion for 10 seconds when turned on. It will activate again when it is shaken and touched. It can also be activated with a voice.
  • Fascinates Your Dogs: The sounds and random shaking motion will make dogs extremely excited to chase and bite this toy. It will satisfy your dog's natural hunting instinct.
  • Promotes Exercise and Helps Eliminate Boredom: The ball will accompany your dog when you are busy or not available and provides the dog some exercise and fun. Also prevents unwanted destructive behaviour due to boredom or anxiousness.

  • Convenient and Quick USB Charging: The ball comes with a usb charging port and can recharge quickly via the included USB charge cord.


  • Material: Plush, Plastic
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery