Kitty Shack - Cat Bed

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The Kitty Shack is essentially tube cat bed that can be unzipped to make a normal bed bed or stay zipped up to make a cozy little “kitty burrito” for your feline to enjoy. Each Kitty Shack features a self heating thermal core and electrostatic cover to trap and attract that unwanted pet hair.

  • 2-in-1 comfy cat mat. Unzip to convert in seconds from a tube bed to a full size cat mat.
  • Comfy, warm and cozy. Cats love hiding, playing and lounging in the tunnel design.
  • Electrostatic plush material attracts shedding hair to keep furniture and carpets fur-free. Great for couches, chairs, beds, floors, cars and perches.
  • Thicker outer ring lets Kitty Shack stand up. Self-heating thermal core keeps cats warm.
  • Portable, lightweight and Machine-washable. Large enough for small-to-medium dogs too.

Material: suede + plush fabric
Feature: with plastic paper,will issue a "sand rustling" sound,increase the fun of cat

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