Martingale Collar

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Martingale Collars are made to prevent your dog from slipping out of its collar while being walked on a leash and can also be used as a training collar. The collar is often referred to as a humane choke collar. They feature a twin loop design that works by tightening around your dog's neck whenever it tries to pull or slip out its collar. Then, the Martingale will loosen again when your dog stops struggling against it.


  • No Choking: A martingale collar consists of two loops. When pulling applied, the small loop where leash connected bears the strength and the larger loop that has limited closure will tighten and stay snug around the neck without choking and harm.
  • Adjustable Strap: The martingale collar allows you to adjust to a comfortable width so when your dog pulls out of your collar you will get the construction that your dog will not be able to choke.
  • Even Distribution of Pressure: When you tug on the leash to correct the dog, the pressure of the collar is distributed evenly. On a regular collar, the pressure is placed on the front of the neck.
  • Durable: Made from premium nylon with aluminum and stainless steel hardware for superior strength. Won't break or fray as easily as plastic collars.
  • Safety: The collar has reflective stitching bands which increase its visibility during night time walks.


  • Material: Nylon and Stainless Steel
  • Size: S: Neck 25cm-45cm, M: Neck 30cm-55cm, L-XL: Neck 35cm-70cm
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Black


Proper Sizing

Our martingale collars are measured fully extended. When measuring your dogs neck, please measure his neck near the top portion and be sure to press down through all its fur to get an accurate measurement. Most people do not press down the fur to get a correct measurement. This leads to them over measuring their dog's neck. And leads to them ordering a size that is too large.

Warning: Martingale collar is not for tie out. Never leave your dog unattended with a collar on. This product is not recommended/designed to use without leash and not for indoor use.