Matatabi Catnip Ball

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Matatabi Catnip Ball keeps your cat healthy by making them exercise!
  • 100% wild, organic and safe. Without additives or preservatives, healthy and safe for your pets.
  • Effectively eliminate dental plaque and tartar, clears fetid breath and protects oral health so as to get you and your pets closer.
  • Helps your cats to digest better. Catnip can promote bowel movements, improve digestibility and keep pets healthy. This cat toy can be played with directly. It can also be cleaned if it is dirty. A catnip ball is added in the middle, which can make cats more interested and happy.
  • High potency ensures that your cats will love it. Your cat will be strongly attracted by it, chewing, rubbing, licking, rolling, running and purring 

WARNING: Might cause extreme cuteness