Milk Box Cat House

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Cats love boxes as their home and love to scratch as a fun-fulfilling playtime routine! Sugar Pet Shop offers our Milk Box Cat House that will allow your cat to live in a comfortable location for happy living and playful space!

The Milk Box cat house will help your cat to live and play peacefully without any boredom! This oversized living box has such certain features that no box has ever provided for your feline friend!

The milk box cathouse manufactures with recycled cardboard with soy-based inks, the same ones used in human food packaging. This will help to ensure that your cat gets a safe and healthy living environment free from toxic materials.

This oversized milk box cardboard toy will make a great piece of cat furniture to your home and will help to enjoy your cat while playing in the milk box house!


  • Foldable: The cathouse can fold into pieces and can store anywhere in the house when not needed.
  • Material: The cat house is made of recycled cardboard paper to allow your beloved cat to live in a non-toxic and eco-friendly living environment!
  • Application: The cat house can apply to indoor and outdoor places for cats to stay and play at the same time. This provides with a dynamic living space for your cat to enjoy the milk box whether you store indoors and outdoors!
  • With Scratching Pad: The cat house provides with a scratching pad to make your cat to relieving boredom and having fun with scratching at the surface pad without any disturbance. The milk box is available in four different designs to match an ideal living space for your cat!


  • Material: Paper Board
  • Size: (L x W x H) 33 x 31.5 x 55.5cm / 12.99 x 12.4 x 21.85in

This Milk Box cat house will save your spending budget!

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