Minions Cat Toy

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  • Stays put when your cat is not nearing it, and every time your kitty/dog touches or approaches the toy, the built-in motion sensor will kick into action and the toy runs away automatically right off the bat. The motion activated cat toy automatically switches to “sleep” mode to save power minutes after your cats/dogs stop playing;
  • Irregular Moving: Random unpredictable movements easily entice your kitty, keep her on her paws;
  • No Loneliness for Your Cats/Dogs: When you are away from home, cats/dogs can get bored and lonely. The automatic moving cat ball toy can easily tickle your cat’s fancy, keeping your cat entertained when she stays alone;
  • Keep Your Cats Fit: Twinkling light and babble sound can easily arouse dogs' or cats' interest to chase and exercise, keeping cats physically fit and mentally active. This smart cat toy prompts sporadic movements and stimulates their natural instincts to hunt. It can be conducive to weight loss of your cat/dog;