Natural Cork Desk Gaming Mousepad

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This Natural Cork Desk gaming Mousepad is patented technology, adding cotton bendable layer on cork surface. The multi-layer structure enables the cork to bend freely. Multi angle random bending, the natural material can reach the same physical properties as the plastic products

No water absorption, no oil absorption, protect your glass/wooden desktop from scratches, stains, and spills

Desk pads made from unique blend of plant based cork and eco-friendly, odorless rubber, environment protection and durable
Easy to Clean: 
Cork material, just use wet cloth to wipe it, please be caseful with dark color drinks like coffee, it may have stain if the drinks stay for sometime. Note: Do not use alcohol or alcohol detergent to wipe it
Natural Simplicity Soft Touch:
The combination of natural cork texture and minimalist design can not only clean the table, but also relax the mood and bring comfortable experience. The natural cork lets the air stay in the desk pad, bringing fresh and moist touch. Every touch is like touching the nature