Old Dog Support Harness

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This Old Dog Support Harness provide support to physically disabled dogs. It is much like a sling. It can be used to help the dog move around. These can be used to move them from one place to another easily. You can conveniently take your dog outside for a walk using these. 

If your dog has acquired a hip or back injury, this will be the best dog lifting harness for you. It has been explicitly designed for injured dogs. It helps them recover from their injury. Also, it aids them in walking again.


  • Helping your dog negotiate stairs
  • Helping your dog hop into the car
  • Helping your dog go outside to poop or pee
  • Helping your semi-mobile dog go for a walk
  • Carrying a completely immobile dog around
  • Specially-shaped protector panel under the abdomen for male dogs
  • Perfect for rehabilitation of dogs after injury or surgery