Pet Bathing Shower Glove

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  • 100% Pet-Friendly - Brush and wash away loose fur and dirt without making your pet feel uncomfortable. This shower glove is made from pet-friendly materials making it a must-have for all pet owners!

  • Multifunctional - This amazing tool combines the functionality of both grooming glove and water shower for an easier pet bathing experience. You can use it to brush your pet's hair straight away after a shower. 

  • Universal Compatibility - Never be left out! This amazing pet shower glove will certainly work on your home tap! It comes with 3 adapters that allows you to use it on multiple sink variations! The adapter is compatible with standard faucet hole. No need to buy extra components.

Product instructions:

1. Unpack the package to confirm that the accessories included in the package are complete;
2. Close the product water pipe valve after taking out the product;
3. Select the appropriate tap adapter, insert the large end into the tap outlet, and insert the fine end into the interface of the product hose;
4. Turn on the tap switch, wear gloves and then open the product hose valve. The water will be sprayed from the center of the glove's palm.
5. Gloves stick to pet hair back and forth cleaning massage;

Material: Environmental protection silicone + nylon mesh + green PVC
Suitable for: Dogs, cats, monkeys and any other pets.
Main Color: Blue
Package includes 1 x Deshedding Glove,1pcs water pipe, water pipe valve.